Creating account step-by-step

First you need have any ssh client to create and use shell account for Windows user my recommendation is Putty which you can download from


Linux/Unix users has default ssh client installed in system.

ex. connection to server registration system.


ssh This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -p44


1. In textbox please enter and change port from 22 to 44(only for registration).





2. After open SSH session please as login type "newx" and use password "newx"




3. Now you need choose your login name on server, password for account, password to mysql database, forum password, contact email(optional) and default editor





4. Selecting editor is the last step and then after press enter your account creation procedure start.



And now you can conect to your shell acocunt but remember to choose correct host and use default SSH port(22)!


Example for freebsd user: port 22 SSH



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